Buoy @ The Harbourside Market

  • Weds & Thurs / Sat & Sun

  • 1 Canon's Rd, Bristol BS1 5TX / Map

The Harbourside Market combines Bristol’s best street food with one of the city’s most scenic spots. We’re on a mission to celebrate the waterfront, with live music, DJs, local bevs on tap, and crazy-good street food.

This year, join us on our new sun deck for the best view in town.


Every Saturday and Sunday, you’ll find the market in full festival mode with up to 18 of the sharpest street food slingers and the biggest beer garden in town. Saturdays are for DJs, Sundays are live music. 

And don’t miss the makers! The covered waterfront walkway is home to 25 makers, creators and collectors, offering art, jewellery, ceramics, records, vintage, books, and more. Read all about it here: www.theharboursidemarket.co.uk


So long, supermarket sarnies! You’ve had your time in the sun.

We’re turning up the heat on weekday lunches. Each Wednesday and Thursdays we’re serving up globally-inspired street food, using local ingredients in one of the city’s most scenic spots.

You can expect to find mouth-watering menus from a changing roster of up to 14 of the city’s finest kerbside caterers and a damn-tasty lunch at the Cascade Steps, guaranteed.

Japanese fried chicken, check! Persian wraps, you betcha. Authentic paella,  sí señor. If you’re calorie-conscious or prefer to eat clean, Midweeks Eats offers plenty of flavour-packed low-carb, healthy and vegan options too.

Grab and go? We say grab and stay. Let’s hang out. At Midweek Eats, you’ll always find the freshest eats, soulful beats and dockside seats.

Buoy's original project, The Harbourside Market is right at the centre of Bristol's street food scene. Pull up to the bumper.

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