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All the right flavours in all the right places.

Fodder’s founder, Freddie, has worked all over the world and it really shows. It could be shawarma or pho—every dish is perfectly executed, with all the right flavours in all the right places.

Their signature Bristol Bomb is exquisite culinary ordnance. All served from their equally memorable Peugeot J7.

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What's cooking?

Fodder’s signature dish is quite literally ‘The Bomb’. We’re talking delicious slow-braised fillings, encased in crispy Japanese panko breadcrumbs that’ll blow your brains. Think scotch eggs without limits.

Their Shawarma Warma is a gastro-fusion of braised lamb shoulder, healthy slaw, pomegranate and pistachio crumble, with broad bean and feta hummus, mint yoghurt and shawarma spices, all cooked and served kerbside from their flavour wagon

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