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High Steaks

Steak sandwiches, hoofed out the park.

High Steaks hoofs steak sandwiches out of the park. Like, right out. Argentine-inspired, Philly-flavoured and cooked to perfection. Only the finest cuts of rib-eye, featherblade and onglet, sliced thin, cooked hot and fast, and served with the mouth-altering accompaniments.

Their chimichurri is worth the trip alone.

    What’s cooking?


    Chimmi the Philly is a firm favourite.

    Here’s why: choose featherblade, onglet or rib-eye steak sliced into wafer thin ‘Philly-style’ layers, served with caramelised onions, melted Emmental cheese, and chimichurri sauce.

    High Steaks, indeed.

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