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The Little Taquero

Nothing but grande flavours from Central America.

The Little Taquero cooks up nothing but grande flavours from Southern Mexico, Belize and Nicaragua.

The softest house-rolled corn tortillas are packed with Central American goodness, from delicious salsas and killer slaws, to Belizean frijoles and chunky guacamole. Tequila marinated steak, anyone? Si, señor.

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  • Gluten Free

What's cooking?

Whether you take your taco with tequila-marinated steak, ground chorizo and chicken, or hot-griddled cactus, the Little Taquero can put a smile on your face. Serving everything with their own brand zesty Mexican slaw, chunky guacamole and soft corn tortillas, which are made in-house —just lie back and think of Mexico.

The Little Taquero are the winners of the 2018 Crumbs Street Food Awards. Chapeau!

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